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Hair salons are plush and trendy in Australia and Europe and most of them cater to rich class. We did a hair salon promotion website recently which looks girly, classy and caters to women.

The major requirement of this site was to capture leads so we have a form for booking and also have a photo gallery which shows the hair cuts with customer testimonials and video testimonial.

The client will upload several content daily about several hair cuts, hair dressing styles, coloring techniques, which cosmetics and shampoo to use for different hairs etc.

Hope you like this hair dressing site:

Do let me know your thoughts.


19 thoughts on “Hair Salon Site”

  1. Hi, I’m very interested in Linux but Im a Super Newbie and I’m having trouble deciding on the right distribution for me (Havent you heard this a million times?) anyway here is my problem, I need a distribution that can switch between reading and writing in English and Japanese (Japanese Language Support) with out restarting the operating system.

  2. Hi Monica,

    Thanks for writing. Is this problem related to website. If you need website language support cms like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla have language support for switching the content.

    Do let us know if this is what you wanted?


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  11. I see you are a great writer so I hope you post a new day by day and i repeat regularly…
    Good communication is key in building a solid Client/Barber-Stylist relationship. At all costs man’s service and experience to be memorably worry-free.

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