Online Marketing

1. SEO
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A process of affecting the online visibility (i.e., easy to find, easy to crawl) of a website in a web search engine’s search results often referred to as natural, organic. Success in SEO is dependent on understanding the most important SEO ranking factors which give you the best position and then working hard to perform better than competitors. The main benefits of SEO are: it is dynamic and highly targeted, potentially low cost. Though it might require some time to get the exact results you want. The higher a page is in ranking the more visible it becomes to potential visitors. High-quality content is the single most important thing to make your site search engine friendly. Also, Make your site mobile friendly. Search engines rank mobile-friendly sites higher than sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. For SEO to work on your website we need to optimize your website using on-page and off-page techniques which are the core parts of SEO. To sum it up, a good SEO approach can drive more traffic to your website, blog or online store and gain more customers, make sales and fulfill your business purpose.

2. SMO
SMO is Social Media Marketing, with it, you can ensure a strong web presence for the business and establishes the internet authority of the brand. It helps to connect all your social media accounts in a cohesive, consistently branded network that points your potential customers where you want them to go. The goal of SMO is to strategically create interesting online content, ranging from well-written text to eye-catching digital photos or video clips that encourages and entices people to engage with a website and then share this content, via its web link, with their social media contacts and friends. Social signals are an important factor in SEO because search engines look at social signals and factor in how often you’re posting, how many people interact with you, and if there are social sharing elements available to website visitors. Brands have to understand that the purpose of these platforms is to build relationships. SMO helps in optimizing a brand’s presence on social media networks with the aim of developing brand awareness and image. With the traffic generated with SMO, one can easily increase the conversation rate. Thus, make SMO a key part of your marketing process and develop company best practices.

3. Social media branding
Social media branding forms a natural but an essential part of your overall marketing efforts on major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Being a business, it’s important that you focus on getting favorable results from your social media marketing efforts. Social media branding is about consistently using the right methods to engage with your target audience on social media platforms. The aim or purpose is to boost brand awareness. By leveraging the power of social media branding, you can build a robust network of fans who are not only loyal to your brand but are also eager to buy from you. One of the easiest ways to allow customers to relate to you is to build an online brand: logos, phrases, and designs that make it easy for consumers to identify your business. Social media branding makes it easy for you to get more relevant people into your sales funnel by giving them a reason to trust you. When you get social branding right, the rest of the sales process becomes more efficient.

4. Google ads
AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. It is a marketplace where companies pay to have their website ranked right with the top organic search results, based on keywords. Google Adwords comes under the Pay Per click channel of Digital Marketing. In Google Adwords, website owners can advertise their websites in the top results of the SERP by paying per click basis. Google ads act much faster than SEO and bring faster impact. It helps to lift the brand awareness by almost 6.6% on an average. It increases traffic, lead and conversion figures. you cannot grow only on the basis of ads. SEO and Google ads go hand-in-hand. You have to take the support of both SEO and ads to grow your website presence online. For keywords where there is a tough competition to rank organically, you can go for ads to appear against your competitor’s & drive in traffic. Overall reports & analysis of ads run, will help you focus on the keywords that are driving more traffic & conversions to your site.

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