WordPress wedding themes

We have developed a new WordPress Wedding Theme. Kindly check it out here.

Looking around for the right kind of wedding theme for your wordpress powered blog or site. Well one has rightly said that nothing comes for free and if it comes it will not be quality.

So if you searched around and didn’t find anything which would suit your site and want a custom designed wordpress wedding theme then we have the answer for this.

WordPress wedding themes have to be crafted and designed with too much detail so that even a flair, a design, a curl or swirl is proper and adds to the aesthetic look and feel of the overall wedding theme.

WordPress wedding themes have the following features by default from our side which we think are important:
1. Aesthetic web design with colors of your choice
2. Photo Gallery
3. Featured content gallery
4. Ability to post videos and images inside the posts or pages
5. Events section or a calendar
6. Contact us form
7. SEO footer links
8. Choice of 2 column or 3 column or multiple columns or no sidebar.
9. Widgetized sidebar
10. All in one seo pack included.
11. Sitemap included.

Kindly have a look at our portfolio of wordpress wedding themes:


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Wordpress unique wedding theme

Process of Design for WordPress wedding themes:

1.You send us the requirements we design the wordpress wedding theme and send it back.

2.You tell us further feedbacks and we do the improvements based on that.

3.You again check and if there are more improvements suggest them.

4.After design is approved we go for the coding.

5.Once coded we show the demo of the theme on our server.

After you see the demo and everything is fine we ask for your server and make the site live.

What sets us apart from others:

1. With more than 1500 themes in our portfolio we are amongst the top 10 providers on WordPress on many freelancing websites like Elance.com
2. We do seo friendly coding and W3C validated pages
3. Free favicon included in each theme
4. XHTML validated
5. Cross browser compatibility of wordpress wedding themes including IE 6
6. Theme delivered within 2 days.

So what are you waiting for? Just fill this form for your custom requirement of wordpress wedding theme or mail us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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